Happy Birthday To Me!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Can we take some time to say..... In exactly 24 hours, I will be celebrating my birthday!

Hiii. Welcome to my blog. It has a name. It's called The Melanin Babe. I love it. It's such a good boy.

Yes it is! Yes it is!

What? This blog is my baby!

Anyway, how are you guys? Are you having as much fun as I am because it's my birthday week and I am excited and happy? No? Well, you could have been more polite about it.

Birthdays are amazing because you are celebrating another year of you being on the Earth. Not many people can achieve that accomplishment, you know? When I hear my mom or someone like that grumble about how old they are, I feel like reminding them that many people don't live that long. Be happy you're alive. You could be 5 feet underground right now, so be quiet.

One thing- well, one of the things, I love about birthdays is the amount of joy they bring into everything we do. Like, when it's my birthday, you besta believe that I will be the happiest unicorn ever liveth. You could slap me, insult me, steal my chocolate- okay, maybe don't do that if you value your life- anything you want, just know that I will smile like someone placed Matthew Daddario under my Christmas tree.

Note to self: Be good so you get Matthew Daddario under your Christmas tree.

But sometimes I wonder if we will ever use that same enthusiasm like irl. To use it on days that aren't our birthdays, Christmas, Easter, March break and any day you find out you aren't doing a test.

We tend to be happy when things go our way. And, that is amazing and all. But, what about being nice even though things aren't going our way?? That seems like too much to you, but to another person having a crappy day too, it means the world. Saying a "You look nice," or a "How are you today?" or even the classic, "Good morning," could make such a difference.

The great thing about this plan is, when you say it to a few people, you may gain a few friends. This tip works great in new situations, meeting new people and even in awkward situations like mistakenly walking into the men's washroom in the mall or bumping into your crush.

What's that? You don't want some new friends?

Okay. What about this?

When you do this, people remember you for more than just a cute outfit or a perfect selfie. So, when you are having a bad day, they think of it common courtesy to return the favor you gave them. They try to brighten your day like you did for them. Isn't marvelous? It only takes a few words for someone's mood to change. It depends on the words are. Shows you just how much power words have over people.

Now, I know some of you are just rolling your eyes and saying "What if they don't say it back, Ada? Hmm... Go ahead, tell us, Miss Know-It-All,"

Well, then it's okay. You hear that? It's okay. Okay does not mean beat them up until they reply good morning. Okay does not mean insult them until they compliment your outfit too. Okay means okay. As in, do nothing, move and act as if they did not brush you off.

Now yell that for the people at the back to hear.

I'm just saying that you should be nice all days in the year. Not only when you feel like it. Not only when it's your birthday, or Christmas or Easter. Not only when your crush winks at you in the hallway.

Be nice.

Me: Because you know what happens to nice people?

You guys: *asks confusedly* They meet Matthew Daddario??

Me: *quiet*….


Pics from my party...

sugar cookies,


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