How Bout You Stop Lying? Thanks.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Me: Hi.

You Guys: Skip the chit chat... START ALREADY!!!

Me: Okay, okay! Sheesh!!

Tut. Tut. Tut.

You. Little. Liar.

I am not talking about the D. Trump guy who likes like a balding man dipped in orange dye. I'm talking about the two people who did the dirty, did a lot of pushing and even more lying. Your parents.

Dun dun duuunnn....

Show of hands. How many people have been told a lie by their parents?

*crickets chirp*

*Cue nervous laugh*.

Am I the only one then? Oh well, don't admit it, it's all good, I ain't judging. Parents lie like anything else doesn't matter. Everything the tell you could very well be a lie.

"No Mary, your goldfish was not flushed down the toilet,"

"Sam, I wasn't kissing the nanny, I was finding a piece of candy in her throat!"

"Brianna, just because you look like the spitting image of my co-worker doesn't make you his child."

(Okay, I'll admit that these are extreme examples)

Don't tell me this hasn't happened to you, once. That your parents took the forever golden path and made the absolutely right decision and always told you the truth. I was lied to so many times as a kid, it became a joke. Especially since the lies they told me when I was 3 are the same lies they tell me now. Like, what?

I am a teenager, mom, I know Santa didn't place my favorite chocolates under the Christmas tree.

It was obviously a unicorn, duh!

But how do these lies affect teenagers?


If parents, the people who watched us fall on our faces trying to walk and cry about wanting a doll from Toys 'R' Us, could tell us so many lies, heaven knows what the world could tell us. I always hesitate before doing anything because what if the 'reward' is a lie? What if after we finish high school, we wouldn't need the Pythagorean Theorem?

So. Many. Lies.

And parents lie about the littlest things too. Things we as teenagers never give a crap about. Like, how hot the looked or how perfect their grades were?

Mom, you don't know how to spell 'appreciate', there is no way in this universe that you were always the first and got straight A's. And Dad, you sit on the couch watching soccer for hours, how about, since you were the soccer champion for years, you actually go play it?

Stop. Lying. To. Us. Because the more you lie, the more our dreams and hopes get crushed. And when our hopes and dreams get crushed, we end up becoming the orange-dipped 'president' or someone extra salty, like Hitler. And you don't to be the person responsible for raising Hitler, now do you?

You know, I have a theory. What if Hitler hated Jews because his parent/s (most likely his dad) lost a basketball game to Jew and would always mutter about Jews dying and stuff around the house.

Who knows? The world is a weird place.

ice cream,


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