How To Be Organized (From The Queen Of Disorganization)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Let's be honest, no one likes a disorganized (word-that-rhymes-with-witch).

*sips champagne*

Hello, and welcome to another crazy blog in which I have no boundaries. Fun times.

So, organization.

A.K.A my worst enemy. I suck at organizing and this is true because my room is the biggest pigsty ever. But, like a clever pigsty. This is because I would hide the messes and make it look clean when it was actually dirty. I know, I'm a terrible person. Since I started Grade 11, I have attempted to stay organized.

Key word; attempted.

So, I have put together 3 tips to become more organized in life. Enjoy.

(Disclaimer: The Author is still experimenting these methods. Do not come at her if they do not work)

1. Get a Planner (Or Diary)

So, 2 days before starting junior year or grade 11, I went to (a very crowded Walmart) in order to buy binders (a terrible plan as I was not the only person who taught of the idea, apparently). As I wanted to cry over the absolutely terrible quality of binders that were available, my eyes wandered over to this small black and white striped book with a rose gold box at the front. On it, the word ¨Planner¨ was written in the middle and I swear on all things holy, I could hear angels singing.

It is now November and I have had this planner for over 3 months and I literally can´t live without it. It works as an in and out of school system for organizing your homework and mine even has stickers and a note section to write random things.

2. After school, get a post-it and write a checklist of all the things you have to get done. Both homework and regular things.

This has been working for me for almost 3 months and I do it right after I come home from school. By checking what I've done and seeing what I have left to do practically powers me into work mode to get everything done. Plus. a list that is completely ticked off is very satisfying to me.

3. Try to treat yourself AFTER you are done your work

Yes, i know it's hard... but last year I found that even though I tried to pull all-nighters for assignments and such, it was difficult to stay on task because there was YouTube to watch, Instagram to scroll through and Wattpad to read. So essentially, my all-nighter was a complete bust.

Don't do this because this takes away the last minute time you could be using to actually get work done. That assignment is not gonna finish itself you know.

So this is the end of this post and comment down below which one you're going to try and if you do, how it goes.

no procrastination,


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