My Worst Nightmare

And, no, I am not talking about no WiFi.

Hello, folks. Ladies and Gents. Chipmunks and Chipmunkettes. Have I named everyone? Oh yeah. Let's not forget the poor aliens in Area 51.

My name is Ada and welcome to my blog. These blogs are not in any particular order, s if this is your first read, you are safe (from elimination).

Let's jump right into this, shall we?


*whole crowd shudders*

I know, I know. If you are human, there is a very likely chance that you have had/will get it (if you are under 10, what are you even doing here??). I say 'likely' because I know someone who looks exactly the same as she did 5 years ago. And she's 15!

If you have experienced puberty, then it was either a good time or the or the worst experience of your life. There is an absolutely no in-between. For me, puberty meant I couldn't go swimming at specific times of the year (well, I could, I can't stand tampons), that I couldn't walk with only a shirt on and nothing underneath. That my voice was a whole choir in there. Low. High. Low. High. That I couldn't hang out with guys without feeling self-conscious. That my hips couldn't stop growing.

And since a lot of 'couldn't be involved, my experience was the human version of crap. I've always wondered why we need puberty. Why we needed to go through all that. The answer is clear.

God knew teenagers were annoying pieces of crap and decided to punish us a lot by making us grow and change and start believing that Santa Claus isn't real. Santa, I pledge my allegiance to always believe in you.

Puberty also changes people mentally. Many people change their attitude and behavior after getting this change. That best friend that you used to play dolls with is now the same girl who wears a training bra and hates your guts. The guy who used to play video games and look at your Dad's 'magazines' with you in his basement is now the most popular guy at school and captain of the basketball team. People will always change. It's just up to you to define how you react to that change.

Do you cry your eyes out or do you accept that they aren't your friend anymore? How you react makes the difference. It doesn't matter if they don't talk to you anymore, but if you cry and whine about it, it doesn't make you the better person.

Better people know 3 things;

1. People stop talking. It doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

2. Put on your big girl/boy panties and smile even though you feel like you want to bawl your eyes out. Then get home and eat 3 bowls of ice cream and cry.

3. Santa Claus exists.

Are you the better person?



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