Our Trust Belongs In... What?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Hi. Time to dish the scalding hot tea.


Teenagers weren't always wild, unpredictable and awkward. Once upon a time, we were quite normal people. Oh yes, we were. But that was our younger years, particularly ages 4-12. Then, we were innocent and controlled. We listened to anyone who was an "adult". Why do I put air marks in front of the word, 'adult'? Well, one word: 2019. To be honest, it's more of a huge number.

With the world today, everything thing could be a lie. There are stories about something called a catfish. You date someone online and when the time comes to meet the person in real life, you figure out that they lied about everything. Their age, their gender, their personality, their name, even their social security number! That's where I believe a term comes in place, "Everything I was told was a lie,". At least, that's how I think it goes. I wouldn't know, I've never really heard anyone say it before.

And it's not only people who do catfishes, but almost everything we buy in the store is a catfish. That juicy burger you saw on a Mickey D's TV ad versus the cabbage-falling-out, mayo-dripping-everywhere, failure that is what you ordered. The perfect lashes Katy Perry seemed to be sporting versus you staring in the mirror, with incredibly short, black, heavy lashes and a very confused face. See my point?

Now let's talk 'trust issues'. Trust issues are the results of catfishes. Because catfishes happen every day, a majority of us have trust issues. You ever got that feeling where you don't wanna buy a limited-edition, perfect-looking, burger, that really brief hesitation and the overturning curiosity of "But what does it taste like?", that throws it out of the window? Yeah, that feeling is your trust issues kicking in. You may have a little amount or a Pacific Ocean-size, but both ways, it's perfectly okay.

Trust issues make us human, in fact, it's even healthy to have trust issues. It proves that we know what we want and if we don't get it, we settle for second best.

I'm kidding.

Or am I?

Food for thought.

What does 'teens' and 'trust issues' have to do with each other? It's simple; teens have the highest amount of trust issues. Especially, when it comes to things parents say. Or friends say. Or celebrities say. Anyway, everyone tells a little white lie here and then, so parents, I ain't holding you responsible. (Note that this is only for teens in the 21st century).

Now, this isn't about the lies parents tell (which is going to be in my next post), but about how these "white lies" affects our "trust footprint"(I want to get a patent on that). Parents are great people, but they lie. A lot. And about the littlest things too. And the stupidest. Like, how cool they were and how obedient. Be honest, man, there is no way in the world you didn't disobey your parents once, Mom/Dad. Or that you didn't break out once. Don't lie about the stupid things, because those are the roots of trust issues.

I hope you guys hate me for exposing your secrets, my dear teenagers because it was totally not my point. My point is trust issues are perfectly fine.

Trust me, I have a lot of them too.

Or not. Your choice.


adanma mary-anne

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