Brow Hacks 101

Updated: May 19, 2020

Hey, I'm Ada and I use makeup every damn day.

Shoot me.

Society has groomed us to think that if a person has makeup on their face, they be doin it for the attention. Lies. I have been using makeup since I was twelve and honestly, I don't think I'm gonna stop because you have insecurities about me low key looking flawless. Hell nah. I'm a Sweet-Little-Unforgettable-Thing for a reason.

Anyways, I use makeup for me. To look in the mirror and fall in love with my looks. If I end up getting a lil' attention, so be it. And, today, I'm gonna help you get them Instagram brows all snatched and cute.

1. Brush UP. Not down.

Believe me, I know that I'm crazy. My mother tells me every day. But this will save your life. Instead of brushing up, brush down, to get the natural shape of your brows.

2. Draw the outline you want.

Even if you are not artsy, draw a clean line under your brows. Then draw one on top. Again, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ARTSY.

Tip: Stay way from shaping where there are none. No matter how tempting, if there are no hairs, don't use the pencil. Quite simple really. Cause, you wanna look snatched, but not who-the-hell-gave-you-makeup.

3. Fill in sparse areas.

Here's where you can get a lil' crazy. But, calm yourself. I said sparse, not nonexistent.

Tip: If you see a bald spot, fill it up by lightly stroking.

4. Use a spoolie to help keep your natural brows in line.

A spoolie is like God's given gift to woman. And that's why it's free at any makeup store.

Use one to fit your natural hairs into the shape you desire.

Editor's Choice: Any free spoolie. Editor loves free things.

5. Use a brow gel.

A brow gel makes sure your brows stay snatched for anything; partying, getting drunk, slapping your ex, getting lit and everything in between. And honestly, I don't think there's a lot in between.

Editor's Choice: I really like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. *wink wink*

6. Keep it snatched with some concealer

Leave those mistakes on read and use concealer only under your brows. Blend it in with your fingers.

7. Add some blinding highlight

Use some highlight underneath your brows to really make it pop. And blind those haters too.

Editor's Choice: Morphe Highlighter Stick in Oh Baby.

Now, go snatched goddess. Take them Instagram pics all day. If you have tried it out, comment down below what happened.

Good luck with your brows,



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