How To Instagram Right

Who ever said money can't solve your problems,

Must not have had enough money to solve 'em

Honestly, tea.

Hey what's up ya'll and welcome to another blog. If you didn't recognize the Ariana hit, where on earth do you live?

This blog is a place for us teenagers to explore our culture, our beliefs and all the tea there is to spill. And, right now according to Twitter, there is no bigger tea to spill that Queen Ari. I mean, did she steal a song, did she not she steal a song? Or better yet, who cares?

Social media has influenced our lives so much it's crazy. I don't know about you, but unless I check my social media at least once I day, I feel like everything is falling apart.

Well, to be honest, it's not like I do it to see important news. Just to stalk my crush, my enemies and my celebrity crushes. Speaking of social media, did you take a peep at that banner? Ok, just checking.

I'll admit straight up, I keep a lot of secrets. A little too many, honestly. But, there is no secret I keep like my Instagram secrets. And, I'm gonna share it with you. So, here are three hacks you need.

Shall we?

1. Clear your search history. EVERY TIME YOU SEARCH.

Not calling anyone out for what you searching. Just telling you. If other people have access to your account i.e boyfriend, best friend, best friend, you don't want them knowing that you stalk your crush on there. Well, you don't want your boyfriend knowing. How to:

1. Click the search icon on the bottom of your Instagram feed.

2. You'll see "search history", click clear. TADA!

2. Always keep posts, never delete them.

So, funny story. I was exploring on Instagram and saw one of my best posts, like, to die for, and most liked and I pressed delete by accident.

This is the part where you cry with me.

And to make it even better, I didn't have it saved. Let it out. Let it all out. We've all done it before. Delete a post by mistake. But, apparently, you can keep posts off your profile without deleting them.

How to:

1. Go to your profile.

2. Click on the three dots underneath the picture, right before the caption,

3. You'll see archive, please press it while cursing delete.

Now, you can take off those miserable Instagram pics you took while drunk off your page. Thank me later.

3. Schedule dem posts.

I swear this is the best trick out of them all. If you don't want to post Instagram pics immediately, but you know it's too good to keep hidden in your gallery, you can schedule to post them. Use apps like CoSchedule to help keep your postings in line. Oh, and you can also use this for businesses to keep your campaigns and ads in line too. Trust me, your followers will thank you for not blowing up their feed with 2000 posts with you at a party.

So, that was it for Instagram hacks. Got any other good ones? Let me know and I'll update this post.

I-don't-speak-Italian-but, Ciao

adanma mary-anne

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