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It has been a rough estimate of three years since the really idiotic side of the population of the United States of America voted for Donald J. Trump. That's three years of really stupid decisions and even more stupid tweets.

Now I am not the kind of person whose nose is forever stuck in a news app (notice I said app instead of a channel #21stCenturyLogic) analyzing everything Trump does. Being Canadian, unless he was to plan a war on my beloved country, nothing he does never really directly affects me. But, it doesn't stop me from wondering (yes, I used that word) what the heck he was doing.

I remember the day before the results of the presidential election came in. Everyone in my 8th-grade class was so anxious, we were oozing nerves. Please remember our nationality.

"This math test is hard! Is the answer to question 2 'Hillary Clinton',"

"Phys Ed and Hillary Clinton are two of my favorite things,"

Then it was nighttime. I went to boarding school for middle school then, so I remember praying that Hillary would win with my roommate. The next morning, my roommate was scrolling on her iPhone when she broke the news to me. I thought it was a joke that wasn't very funny. Asking my teacher the minute I arrived in class, I was marveled to find out it was true. I was depressed for the rest of the day.

Well, at least till lunch.

Now, I can't remember the exact reason I hated Trump and wanted Hillary to win (minus the fact about rumors of him building walls, keeping my Islamic friends out the country and that I will always be a fan of #GirlPower). All I remember is wanting it because all my friends wanted it.

I know that sounds like a stupid reason to want something, but I can tell you right now that most teenagers have wanted at least one thing because of it. Crazy, right? I mean, it wasn't like Donald Trump was way better than dear old Hillary. 60% of me wanted Hillary to win because of well, Trump. The other 40% however, wanted Hillary to win because my friends wanted her to win.

Did you forget our nationality? We were fudging Canadian, for goodness' sake! Nothing the Americans did would matter to us, so why did I care? Why did I care enough to not even know why I was agreeing in the first place? I didn't even know what she was bringing to America.

But I cried when she lost.

That shows you how much the fear of missing out (FOMO, as Lilly Singh, calls it) had a hold over me. I was so afraid of being the only one who didn't care about the election, I put my opinion away. Don't ever do that. It hurts when someone else does it. But, it'll shatter your life if you do it to yourself. Putting your opinion, your side, your ideas away is like hiding away a perfectly good bowl of ice cream. A deadly mistake.

Remember the phrase most teenagers tell their parents, "But everyone's doing it!"? I let myself believe that when it was true. When I asked one of my friends who wasn't crying why they weren't, they replied proudly that they didn't care. So, that meant that it wasn't everyone who was doing it. Do you also remember saying that and your parents telling you something like, "So, if everyone was jumping down a cliff, would you follow?" Mom, it's 2018. There has got to be Ubers waiting down. And maybe a couple thousand V-Bucks.

All I'm saying is, it's way better to not care than to jump down a cliff for a game that is absolutely stupid and deserves to burn in the deepest, darkest PARTS OF HELLLL!!

What? Kills are a little difficult for me.

everything good in life,


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